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 'Hmm... Isn't this the guarding beast that scared me this morning?' Leon couldn't help but glare at the beast. His office employee heart can never handle such a scare again.

The Black Panther's trembling increased when Leon glared at him. For the students looking at it, it seemed like he was dancing.

'What's wrong with this beast? Only the looks, but useless?' All the students had this idea. Of course, only freshmen and people attending for the first time. The others and the old teacher were confused, why was the most ferocious beast in the academy dancing?

Only one girl seemed calm like she understood something. She glanced at the black hair youth and couldn't forget the shock she experienced.

'Such a young guy can slap a Black Panther at the 15th Level unconscious?' Liz gazed at the youth for a bit. The youth seemed to notice and turned toward her so she averted her gaze.

'I didn't know this bro was so handsome...' Leon sighed to himself. Completely misunderstanding the situation.

"Maybe it thinks we're here to do something to it, that's why it's scared?" One of the senior students said. However, even he didn't believe it. This was the Black Panther! Even the teacher couldn't tame it!

"Anyway, get out of the stable. Let me release it to see what's wrong." The old teacher said. He wanted to install fear in the new students that's why he brought them here. To be a beast tamer, one has to realize their how frightening of a profession it is.

The students walked out and stood far away from the stable. They can see the old teacher releasing the panther from its chains.

The panther didn't even glance at the teacher before he ran out of the stable. He halted his steps once he was outside and started to look for something. A few moments later, it gaze landed upon a group of students.

Like a black lightning bolt, the panther dashed toward the students. The old teacher face went pale when he saw this. He didn't expect the panther to attack a student all of sudden. Needless to say, the panther was quite intelligent. He has to know that attacking a student will only result in its death.

The old teacher circulated his magic to enhance his speed. However, the panther was already in front of a student. The old teacher prepared his heart for a gory scene, but it never came.

Leon could see the panther heading his way. He sneered. It seems the panther didn't learn its lesson and wanted to take revenge. He took a step forward with the stunned Emma behind him. He raised his hand for another slap. However, the panther halted his step before it reached him.

The panther stopped right in front of Leon's feet and started to lick his shoes. The whole scene turned silent with only the panther's licking sound could be heard.

"The fuck?" Leon was stunned as he looked at the panther playing all cute. He didn't expect the panther to start appeasing him. Was he asking for forgiveness?

'What the hell is wrong with this panther? If he's asking for forgiveness, why is he acting like a dog instead of a cat?' Leon almost kicked the panther.

The old teacher had his jaw opened. Wasn't this the prideful beast that never submitted? At least have a little bit of dignity if you want to submit to someone!

'Hm. I have never seen that youth... Is he a freshman? When did he get to tame the panther? Wait... maybe he has the spirit symbol of the Black Panther?!' The old teacher thought to himself. Everyone also came to this realization.

'Having the rare Black Panther Symbol and taming a panther using it?' Most of the students had envious looks on their faces.

"Shu! Shu! Don't ruin my shoes!" Leon started waving at the panther to get it away. Everyone almost fainted at this. 'Can't you be a little happy about this?'

Leon however, thought the panther was asking for forgiveness. He didn't want to stall the class any longer so he wanted to chase the panther away.

"Little fellow, this panther wants to take you as its master. Why don't you take it?" With an aching heart, the old teacher said.

There was a rule in the academy stated that those who tame a beast can have it. That was a way to encourage the students to do their best in this class.

"Hmm? You want me to become your master?" Leon asked the panther. And as if answering his question, the panther hurriedly nodded.

"Hmmm... You're too big for me to take care of you. Just stay at the academy. I have no need for you." Leon shook his head. How was he supposed to walk around with a panther this big?

The panther panicked and started to circulate its magic. Leon frowned and was prepared for another slap. However, he stopped when he saw something incredible. The panther was actually shrinking!

'For fuck sake, have some dignity! To use your bloodline ability to appease him...' The old teacher's mouth kept twitching with a wry smile on his face.

Moments later, the panther disappeared and what replaced it was a small black kitten. The kitten walked toward Leon, rubbed its body against his legs and stared at him with pitiful eyes.

'Shameless!' Everyone thought.

"Whoa, you can change your size? Not bad, not bad. Okay, I'll take you under my wing." Leon patted the kitten head and nodded. Everyone heaved in relief that this whole thing was over.

"Hmm... As for your name, I'll call you Doggie!" Leon said after thinking.

Everyone was floored when they heard this. Damn, can't you see it's from a cat species? The old teacher's mouth was now hurting from twitching. Emma started to giggle. Doggie looked at Leon strangely hoping he was joking.

"What? You don't like it?" Leon asked Doggie.

"MEOW!" Doggie started expressing his pleasure with the name by rubbing against Leon's legs more.

Leon's thoughts were quite simple. He can't name it kitty because it was kind of plain. And the panther was acting like a dog, so Doggie is its.

"Okay little fellow, establish a contract. Just touch its head with your hand and insert some magic energy." The old teacher said after accepting reality. This was the only way to do a contract, and it had to be agreed upon by both sides to work.

Leon placed his hand on Doggie's head and inserted some of his magic. Doggie obediently accepted it and it started to glow with faint red light. Soon, the process was over. However, small red marks appeared on Doggie's head. They seemed like commas eyebrows which made him even cuter.

'Hmm? What are these?' Leon wondered.

'They are just markings because of my symbol. 'Doggie' can now use fire too. However, I must say this panther is quite intelligent. It submitted itself after sensing my aura when you slapped him today.' Phen answered.

Leon also knew this. In normal cases, a 12th Level hero couldn't slap a 15th Level beast like that. When Leon enhanced his strength this morning to slap Doggie, his symbol's aura leaked a bit and Doggie was distracted by it. That's why Leon could slap it. And Doggie sensed Leon's aura, which made him submit after being slapped.

However, Leon could still defeat Doggie if used all of his strength.

"Okay, stay put from now on." Leon lifted Doggie and placed him on his shoulder. He wanted to place him on his head but he remembered Naruto from his previous world.

"Okay. Lesson over. You can leave." The old teacher said.

The students started to leave, Leon and Emma included. However, another rumor started about a freshman who tamed the most ferocious beast in the academy. And this student had a horrible naming sense.

Leon was oblivious at the stir he made in the academy on his first day. Leon and Emma headed back to the academy's lecture hall where they met Ranj and Jess.

For some reason, Ranj had his hair shaped like an afro with slight burn marks. Leon tried to hold back his laughter and decided to ask him later.

"What's up with this cat?" Ranj asked, not minding the strange gazes that landed upon his hair.

"This is Doggie, a panther I tamed in the class today," Leon answered while rubbing Doggie's chin.

"Damn, you mean the Black Panther?" Ranj slightly retreated when he heard this.

"Don't worry, it wouldn't hurt anyone. Right, Doggie?" Leon asked.

"Meow!" Doggie nodded.

"See?" Leon smiled at Ranj.

Ranj didn't know what to be shocked about. Leon taming skills, or his horrible naming... He glanced at Emma to see her smile helplessly. Ranj sighed.

Jess seemed to want to say something but didn't. Leon pondered the reason. He quickly understood. She wanted to hold Doggie! Yup, everyone likes Doggie. However, Leon decided to have Doggie help Ranj with his one-sided love, so he didn't give Doggie for Jess now.

The group said their goodbyes and separated. Leon headed back to the inn he was staying at. He can see everyone's affectionate gazes land upon Doggie. Even Sam was no exception.

Leon lied down on his bed with Doggie by his side. He was quite pleased with his new companion. Even in his old life, he liked cats. Especially cute kittens like Doggie.

'Yup, Doggie is the best.' Leon thought as he drifted to sleep. His first day in the academy was over.