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 Ed's opponent was a man with blond hair as well. He held a sword in his hand and looked ready to fight. Ed remembered him since it looked to him that he wasn't taking the tests seriously either.

"You're Edward right? I saw that you got into a fight with that Norris, man I'm glad someone showed him his place, he's so stuck up that he annoys people with his presence hahahah" The man started laughing and looked like an amusing guy, starting a conversation with someone he was about to fight.

"Since you know my name it would be rude of me not to ask for yours" Ed didn't seem to mind his opponent's laughing and simply asked his name.

"My name is Leon I'm from Avalez kingdom" The man introduced himself and assumed a stance with his sword.

"Nice to meet you Leon, I hope you take it easy on me" Ed showed a smile that he didn't mean and used a normal sword instead of his legendary ones.

"I would like to ask of you not to take it 'easy' on me Ed. I saw that you overpowered that Norris with a single strike; everyone in the academy could easily guess you were hiding your powers in the test. It's meaningless to try and fool me with cheap sword skills" Leon had given Ed some news that he didn't want to hear, his act of laying low had been found out in 2 days in the academy. 'Then I wouldn't have needed to lay low either' Ed was now regretting his choices since it was harder to hold his powers back more than he thought.

He wanted to hide his sudden power up in the last month since he left his home since it was too fast by this world's standard; he had achieved King Establishment in 1 that period of time which most people needed years. Now it would harder to explain himself since he was found out.

"By the by, how did you hide your cultivation?" Leon had asked the question Ed didn't want to hear about right away.

"I used a relic that I got from my father" Ed lied without wasting a second and even involved his father in his lie.

"I see...Let us fight anyway" Leon didn't seem to believe him and simply asked for the fight to start. Ed followed suit and withdrew his Ame-No-Murakumo and Muramasa and took a stance with them. He didn't use Susui since there was no need. Leon could feel that Ed got serious and was feeling pressure from his two swords so he got serious.

In another location, near Ed's flag a person was climbing up from a hole on the ground. It was a man from Leon's team and he was covered in dirt.

"This is just awful, who would put these in this place?!" The man looked around as if searching for other traps. Seeing nothing he just gathered some power in his palm and striked the ground."Seismic strike!" The power he showed was beyond everyone's expectations since he sent shockwaves around the area, causing even the earth walls to shake.

Hayato who was standing from far away could see that this man was too much for Stephanie alone so he decided to come out of his hiding and fight alongside her. When the man saw him he seemed mad and started speaking fast.

"Were you the one who did this? Why would you do it? Now all my clothes are dirty, how can I wash them now?!" If Ed was here he would have remembered his mother's rapid questions.

"I wasn't the one who made them, but it was my teammate so it might as well count as me" Hayato gave him an answer and assumed a fighting position. He was fighting barehanded since his opponent was as well. "Stephanie in case you get a chance try to trap him inside your earth traps and we'll keep him there until this finishes." Hayato gave her some secret direction since it would be faster that way. The man didn't seem to hear them since he was focused on the stains on his clothes.

Hayato and the man started fighting and immediately injured one another. They had both taken a hit to the face and staggered backwards. Hayato recovered first and hit the man to the face with a kick; however he withstood it and countered with a punch to the face. Hayato reacted fast enough and dodged with a jump to the back. The man had a wide missed punch and lost his balance which caused Hayato to rush in at him, jabbing him twice in the face.

Hayato seemed to be using a martial art from this world which was concise and without any wasted movements, different from the man's who needed to hit to do heavy damage without any regard to the opponent's style or movement speed. The fight continued this way for a while until it seemed like the man was falling forward.

Seeing this Hayato thought that he was fainting so he stopped but it was a mistake since the man jumped forward and caught Hayato's collar with his left hand.

"You can't run this time!" The man flexed him arm and withdrew it to him side with his fingers pointing downwards. "Seismic palm!" Suddenly he rotated his hand and striked Hayato stomach causing him to spew out blood. He was feeling a lot of pain and was about to fall down when Stephanie caused the earth under the man to open up and both of them fell down.

"G-Good job Stephanie!" Although Hayato was in a lot of pain he still bore with it and complimented her. She then caused some of the earth to surround the man and bind him allowing Hayato to escape.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you since I thought he was falling down!" Stephanie looked like she was feeling regret not being able to help Hayato and causing him to be injured, however it wasn't her fault at all so Hayato didn't mind and thanked for her timely assistance instead. The two had to create some new pitfalls while having to listen to the man's objections.

"Let me out of here! My clothes are getting dirty, it's hard to breath! Hey!" He didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

At another location, Ellie was currently being bombarded with magic from far away.