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 I first took the mp3 and connected to the speakers and the song started to perform. I first took the stance and then my legs moved, I got fully absorbed in the songs becoming one with songs and understanding it, to fully dance it to its full potential, also singing with it and performing like it is my own and then owning BTS in their own song.

5 Minutes Later

"Your good but you have no sense of balance." my grandpa was the first one to ever see me dance except my parents well there's my brother but he's just a baby.

"I try to sustain balance with my body but it won't stay in center," I told the truth because I had a problem with balance since my S.M days.

I first went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water and sat down on the sofa.

"Balance is the ability to maintain the center of gravity of the body while minimizing postural sway. It is a state of bodily stability marked by complete stillness, void of opposing forces on all sides." grandpa started to give his rich wisdom

"So that means to control my body while I dance and not to lose focus."

"Yeah, I think you should join a dance studio or something where you can improve maybe you'll be scouted by an agency." I started to think about it and talked to my grandfather for some time and headed out to buy some hot ramen.

I was walking when and came to stop by the traffic light is green and then waited until the traffic light was on the red and started to cross the road.

As I was walking I felt something hit me it was painful like a baseball hitting you but 1000 more intense it all happened in just a second and I felt my consciousness slipping away and the pain decreasing and I thought that it was my end the same as it was the first time.

Dong Yen-Yu Pov

I was talking with my father when I got a call I picked up the phone.

"Hello its Dong Yen-Yu speak."

"Miss your son was in the accident and is in the hospital you should hurry." i felt my legs going weak and eyes started to swell I put down the phone and just lunged out of the door and got the car keys and drove as fast as I can and not even speaking to my father what happened.

I drove until I was at the hospital and got out of my car and got all Usain Bolt and ran as fast as my legs can carry me to the front desk I asked my sons room and went upstairs to see doctors stand in front of my son's room.

"Is my son ok," I asked one of the doctors.

"Is your son that was in the accident."I nodded and he continued "he is fine and only has a few broken ribs and minor injuries you can go in if you like."

I went inside and saw him sleeping soundlessly and decided to lay next to him on the bed and decided to call my husband so he can here to support him.

Dong Dae-Sung Pov

I was busy working when I got a phone call from my wife that my son was in an accident and she is at the hospital with him and went to my bosses office to ask for the day off he agreed and I drove to the hospital and was sent to theirs.

I opened the door to see my wife laying to my son reminds me of that day my wife gave birth to him you could call it deja vu.