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 *RIIIIIING*[School bell]

After the school bell rang. I headed to the school shop and bought banana bread and some chocolate milk to quench my thirst. I walked back to class to see almost the whole class eating I didn't see Somi so I headed to the soccer field and sat in the stand and quietly ate my banana bread and drank my chocolate milk. I sat there overlooking the soccer fields that are completely empty thinking how my life is gonna be, the things I am going to do and the person I will be. I sat there for almost the whole break and decided to head back to class maybe the bell will be ringing soon.

I got there to see Somi in her seat talking to some other girls I quickly got my seat and put my head on my desk and closed my eyes and entered my imagination to dance to call my self down and release the stress I've been feeling recently.

"ST play No more dreams by BTS." the music started to play and I danced the complete choreography again and again till I felt I was so immersed I couldn't stop my legs moved on their own I couldn't hear the ding sounds of my dancing leveling up you could say I became a dancing machine one with the music deciding that day I will work my hardest to become a K-Pop idol no matter how much suffering no matter how much work, that I will oneday stand above all and become the idol in my dreams the person I wanted to be in my old life I could be in this life. God gave me this opportunity I should make the best of it.

I danced my desires and completed the song almost 30 times and decided to talk with ST a bit.

"Yo ST."


"If I become the best idol in the world will you leave me."


"I guess its fair give my status."





[Skills:Singing lv5,Dancing lv8 ,Guitar lv 5 , Rapping lv2 ,Makeup lv2,Piano lv2]


I exited my imagination dance room and saw the time didn't even skip for a minute and decided to close my eyes a bit and sleep until the bell rings.

Jeon So-Mi Pov.

"Somi I heard you are a trainee for JYP is it cool did you see GOT7." a girl in my circle.

"Its cool and I sometimes saw GOT7 oppas but I don't spend time with them I got to go now." I headed back to the classroom to pick up my bag and head home.

I walked into the classroom to see Chen still peacefully sleeping at his desk I wanted to wake him up but I got a glimpse of his lips they look so soft. I closed my face it gave him a tender kiss and woke him up but before he could see me I headed home because I was too embarrassed to stay.

Dong Jae-Chen Pov

I could feel someone waking me up but when I opened my eyes saw no one I thought it was weird and looked at the time on my watch 4:01 when I saw it was 4 pm I was shocked because I almost slept for 3 hours. I decided to head home along the way I could see parent picking up their children and thought maybe my dad is picking me up and 'Oh he has worked this time' what a bummer. I walked home because my house is not relatively far so I went to one of the stores and walked further I should really get a bike.

I saw my house in the distance and increased my speed and saw an old guy standing in front of ours houses door.