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 Chu Ya stopped in her tracks as she looked at Drog. "Drog, I am sorry,"

"I really love you, Drog" She continued.

Hearing Chu Ya, Fei's eyes opened as she looked at Ya then at Drog her eyes moved from one to another.

Before Drog could open his mouth, Sora spoke, "You dare?"

Chu Ya looked at Sora and frowned asking, "Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am, the only thing important is that you spread your legs for another man and now you are claiming that you love Drog?"

Ya was angered at Sora's words she looked at the girl, "YOU!"

Sora harumphed and announced coldly, "If you bother Drog, I will kill you."

"If you dare to touch me my brother will cripple you."

Drog hearing what the girl said frowned, he looked at Chu Ya and stated, "We are done, nothing you will do will make me accept you."

He continued, "Now go out of my way."

Ya bit down her lip as she stood in Drog's way extending her arms she said, "I am not letting you go, I love you Drog."

Drog took step closer moving towards Ya, he turned his head to Ya's brother Zan and spoke, "Move your sister, or I will do it myself."

Chu Zan just nodded his head, "Ya, move out of their way."

"I don't want to," She protested.

"Drog please," She shouted.

Turning and facing her Drog coldly said, "You have made your choice, it's over."

"I won't accept this, you are not even engaged."

"Will you drop this if I were to be engaged?"

She nodded her head slightly not understanding why would Dro confirm this.

Drog announced pointing to Fei, "This girl's name is Yun Fei and she is my fiancé."

Chu Ya staggered back in shock, her arms relaxed and she hung her head down, tears running down her cheeks. She wanted to scream, she wanted to kill herself, she hated her father, she hated him for forcing her to marry the duke's son.

Chu Zan looked at Drog, "When did you get engaged?"

"Not long ago, I will be seeing you in Heaven's sect, Chu Zan"

He nodded his head, "Yes, see you."

Drog's group disappeared into the distance leaving the Chu siblings to themselves. Zan looked at Ya, "Let's go too, we have a long way to go."

He wasn't looking at her, but because of that he didn't notice what his sister was doing, she came to the edge of the <The Dragon's Crossing> and jumped off it. He was too late, he couldn't save his sister. Seeing his sister die, he just shook his head and spoke softly, "You killed your own daughter, father."

He sighed as he walked to the Mir continent. Drog and the girls already walked off <The Dragon's Crossing>and they now needed to locate The Heavens sect. Three youths in unknown lands just moved forward. Walking some more they arrived in the city this city's name was Qishu.

Drog with Fei and Sora walked through the city gates, they walked to an Inn as it was the best place to as for information. The Inn that they entered was packed with people sitting at tables eating and drinking although such things were not needed for martial artists people still did so.

Drog found the table as they all sat down, they were served by a middle-aged woman, approaching the table she asked,"What could I get you?"

"Give me your best wood and wine," announced Drog.

The girl nodded her head and prepared to leave but Drog stopped her, he inquired, "You could also tell me, something. I want you to tell me everything you know about Mir continent."

The girl originally thought that when Drog stopped her, he would hit on her. The question surprised her while making her slightly angry. As she wanted to be hit on by this handsome guy who had two girls by his side.

Drog seeing her angry expression asked, "What's wrong."

"It's nothing, what do you want to know about the continent?"

"Where is Heaven's sect?"

"You are not found around here, are you?

"No, we are travellers, so about my question?"

"Yes, the sect is located 200 kilometres to the north-west."

"Anything else I can tell you or do for you?" Her eyes scanned his body.

This gaze didn't escape Sora, she looked at the waitress as she spoke out loudly, "Slut!"

"What did you call me you little girl?"

"I said you are a slut," She stated coldly.

Fei was surprised at Sora, she tried to mediate the situation, "Sora didn't mean it what she said."

"No, I meant what I said, keep your hands of Drog you slut."

But it didn't help as Sora fanned the fire. She exploded at Sora, "You dare you brat!"

She readied her hand as she slapped towards Sora, seeing the attack Drog swiftly stood up as he caught the woman's arm in midair. He spoke coldly, "What are you trying to do here?"

Drog squeezed his arm and bone cracking could be heard, the woman screamed. But she still glared at Sora, "I will kill you, you brat."

Drog looked at her and spoke, "I am grateful for the information" He released her arm and gave the woman the money for the food, "Bring out the food."

The woman took the silver and took off, before giving Sora one look she mumbled, "Wait until I tell about you to senior brother, let's see how fast you will become a slut, you brat."

Drog looked at Sora and inquired, "Why did you do that?"

"I didn't like the way she looked at you."

[Wait wait wait, why does it feel like I am the girl and she is the man]

[Well whatever]

He just laughed and spoke, "Don't make too many enemies, Sora."

"If it's for you I don't mind making them."

Yun Fei looked at Sora with surprise as she laughed, "You are so lucky Drog, you have someone that will always protect you." She thought for a moment and spoke, "We are perfect together, Drog protects me, I protect Sora and Sora protects Drog.

To her comment Sora and Drog just laughed, peaceful atmosphere existed between these three youths.

After few breaths of time, the food arrived but the person that brought the food was a different attendant, this time it was a man. He did his work professionally just bringing the food, nothing else happened. Having eaten their meal they left towards the Heaven Sect.