Latest Update Novels

Intimate Inanimate

Author: JustAnotherWriter
Sort: Historical
Lastest:2 A Lazy Morning
Intro: How many household items does it take to change a light bulb? They honestly can't, so they decided for the next best thing, getting to know each other.

Invincible Earth

Author: KillerHemboy
Sort: Historical
Lastest:9 Unknown Intrinsic Nature
Intro: What would you do if you found out that you belonged to a lineage that has long protected the earth from otherworldly creatures that want to invade it? Go out and kick their ass? But wait, till now you have only been a lazy gamer with a fat ass. Oops.Follow our protagonist as he discovers the world hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated. A world of magic, martial arts, dragons and demons-Invincible Earth(Set in present day earth, the novel weaves through reality by leveraging phenomena which are unexplained scientifically. Most locations and phenomena used in the novel are real.)

Sean's Notebook: A Diary of a Murderer

Author: AzureOrchid92
Sort: Historical
Lastest:4 I Never Wanted to Have a Pet (I Already Have Eli)
Intro: Hi, I'm Sean, Sean Fenris. I started writing this diary when I was seven because of a school homework. And I'm still continuing this until now. I guess you can say it became a habit.The contents were just the story of my life from then to now, about my family, school then work life, perhaps even my love life. Or just some random things I'm thinking. Basically just your normal thoughts journal. Possibly, some of you have this too.Anyway, this is mine.___Hi guys, author here. In case you've read my notes on my first novel, this is not the story I was talking about. I'm still stockpiling chapters for that and I figured I'll write this short chapters in the meantime.Release will be twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30pm (GMT +8). I'll try to increase this once I got used to writing. -AzureOrchid92


Author: Rainlady
Sort: Historical
Lastest:3 Chapter 3 - Calm Before The Storm
Intro: mitted. However, she has a huge bounty on her head, thus making her dreams of a "normal life" seem impossible. But, she isn't type who likes to be confined by others. So she is bound for the ruined city of Grimqur, taking advantage of the city's corruption and anarchy for cover as she finds a way to clear her name.

My Beautiful Commander

Author: milkyriya
Sort: Historical
Lastest:6 Can I know your name?
Intro: Xia Lian, a 21st century military doctor died in an explosion and found herself transmigrated to the body a 12 year girl.. her mother died and her father abandoned her and her little brother for another woman.. But she strives to provide a bright future for her younger brother and herself.. She slowly makes herself stronger so that no one can bully her and her brother.. Many admire her for her strong and free personality..Even the cold and aloof general falls head over heals for her.. but she does not accept love as she only has her brother in her eyes.. but he does not give up as he realized that he is in love with this weird and strong woman..Note: The cover image does not belong to me. The story is set in a fictional era..

Philosophical Questions

Author: WitheringLeaf
Sort: Historical
Lastest:4 What is reality?
Intro: ments.

Elementals: AIR

Author: FireDevil7
Sort: Historical
Lastest:2 A poem for you
Intro: Elementals are unfinished humans that are able to control one of the 4 elements of the earth, and are now in control of humanity.Edward Ozone is a survivor of the Mount.OZ massacre, he is the second to try and save the world from being destroyed.Book 1 in the Elementals series.

The Phoenix's Legionfreedom cry

Author: Lwimba55
Sort: Historical
Lastest:11 The Northern Wall
Intro: this is a story of man and his battle to gain freedom from all the immortal and ascended beings that rule over him with an iron fist

Wins Hands Down

Author: Saayaa192006
Sort: Historical
Lastest:1 Meet the Crown Prince
Intro: ot who made your character? Remember If I take offence then I'll make sure to add angst in this novel. hmph!Aryan : You dare to hurt my Saya! You moronic author*narrows his eyes at a certain author*A certain author : Aru baby, what are you talking about? did I say I would hurt your saya...hahaha no no you must have heard wrong *nervous laugh*. I guess I should go back *runs*.Enjoy the story ^_^******************All rights reserved.*No part of this publication should be reproduced, distributed in any form or by any means, including translating, photocopying, recording or any other method without the prior written permission of the author.*This is a work of fiction, names, characters, places events are from the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious way. *Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead or actual events are purely coincidental.*Author of this book does not have any intention of offending any group, religion, person or any kind of authorities.

Town of Treeville - A Series of Short Stories

Author: Bored_Cat
Sort: Historical
Lastest:2 2. A Cat's Life
Intro: This is a series of short stories, however they are all interconnected... probably.From a normal human girl to a cat, the lives of all (most) of the town of Treeville are explored in this not very funny, written because this author was bored, story!Also, it's called Treeville because the Town of Tree sounded even more stupid.

Lucky or Not

Author: kiyung
Sort: Historical
Lastest:6 The Small Notebook
Intro: "The truth... is sometimes harder than it seems, querido," My name is Keiko, Tachibana Keiko. I am a normal school girl, living in a small isolated town quarantined by the military after a war devastated the country. My parents had warned against going to the new restaurant in town-Lucky or Not- for good reason, but I didn't listen. My best friend and neighbour Rachel Nells was abducted by men in suits, whom she seems to know. Life isn't as ordinary as it seems anymore when old-time secrets shake the very world we live in.

War of Warrior

Author: sam_keyton
Sort: Historical
Lastest:5 Ilya Injured
Intro: God gets bored. Every week one hundred humans thrown to the battlefield for one month.An Island full of danger and opportunity. Go and feel thrill of survival game with our MC.

The Hero's Lover

Author: Jarosevelt
Sort: Historical
Lastest:3 These Days
Intro: e a leading researcher in biochemistry, and is motivated to do whatever it takes to make something useful for humanity, but she makes some dread mistakes that cost her spot at the university's graduate program. The only way for her to stay near the one she loves is to