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 Chapter 229 - 279

Gu Ruoyun, Pang Ran and the Fifth Prince save the emperor and the empress from a plot by the Imperial Adviser, Lin Yue, and the Imperial Concubine Lin

Gu Ruoyun showed off Baobao, Tianqiong and Yunyao

When Gu Ruoyun summoned Baobao, the snow wolf

Pang Ran: Why does such a cool summon have such a cute name...

Apparently Baobao rejected the name but Gu Ruoyun forced it on her (poor Baobao)

Lin Yue and Imperial Concubine Lin were killed

At the Xia Family Estate, the Xia Family Head kneels before a spiritual beast with a turtle shell on its back and the head of a snake: the Black Tortoise, Lingxiao

Lingxiao has been protecting the Xia Family for thousands of years in return for the Xia Family searching for two people

However, no one knows who they're looking for (GJ Lingxiao)

Xia Family Head reports rumours of the master of Hundred Herb Hall summoning an azure dragon and a white tiger

Lingxiao orders him to look for them

In another part of the Xia Family Estate, Xia Linyu's second uncle, Xia Qi, is plotting to kill Gu Ruoyun before Xia Linyu finds her

Plans to push blame for Gu Ruoyun's death onto Xia Linyu

The Third Prince, son of Imperial Concubine Lin, plots to kill Gu Ruoyun

He looks for the Xia Family and collaborates with the middle-aged man, Second Master of the Xia Family, Xia Qi

That mysterious masked man appears again, with Zuo Shangchen next to him (pfft, we all know who this mysterious man is ;P)

Mysterious Man: It's not time to meet her yet, my enemies can't find out that I'm no longer closed door cultivating in that mountain

Mysterious Man: Thanks for protecting her, bro

Zuo Shangchen: You saved me. Protecting her is my responsibility.

Pang Zihuang sends The Xia Family Head a Longevity Pill

Pang Zihuang, Pang Ran, Gu Ruoyun go head-to-head with Third Prince Pang Fei and Elder Zhao, sent by Second Master Xia

Elder Zhao, peak of martial king, VS Baobao, who just broke through to mid of martial king

Xia Family Head cuts in and saves Gu Ruoyun, and tries to get her to marry his grandson

However, his grandson is Xia Linyu, so Gu Ruoyun refuses

Gu Ruoyun goes to the Xia Family and meets Xia Linyu's sick uncle

Rumours that Gu Ruoyun has been killed by the Xia Family spread to Azure Dragon Country

Hundred Herb Hall hears of the rumours

Xia Linyu coincidentally asks for Gu Ruoyun at Hundred Herb Hall

Elder Yu and Shopkeeper Zhao want to chase him away

Xia Fan, who works for Xia Linyu's second uncle, Xia Qi, comes to meet Elder Yu

Claims that Gu Ruoyun was killed by Xia Linyu's father, Xia Zixi

Wei Yiyi exposes the fact that he's working for the second uncle instead

Elder Yu and Shopkeeper Zhao want to take revenge for Gu Ruoyun, but Wei Yiyi stops them, explaining that she just received a letter from Gu Ruoyun, telling her that she's about to treat someone from the Xia family

Wei Yiyi heads towards the Xia family to help Gu Ruoyun

Xia Fan plans to impersonate someone from Hundred Herb Hall and kill Xia Linyu