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 Chapter 293 - The sword's chaos begins

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"Commander Gao Shang Jun, Commander Yan Cheng Huan, and Commander Wu Yong Jun, kindly pay heed to what I am about to say. The three of you are expected to immediately dispatch three large army units in full force and launch a grand-scale attack on Wuji (Limitless)! Be sure to return before the summer arrives. Even if you are unable to destroy the entire nation, then you must destroy at least half of it before withdrawing!" Diwu Qing Rou's gaze turned grave and icy as he issued this command.


Wuji was located to the south of Great Zhao, and although it must be experiencing midwinter at present, a northern nation like Great Zhao was much warmer than its counterparts, thanks to the ongoing season of spring. This was the reason why the northern climate wouldn't pose a hindrance to the marching armies from Great Zhao to Wuji......

Every year during the winter season, the north would take a rest from participating in wars. The south on the contrary, would begin waging wars during this exact same period of time! And once the north was able to wage wars again at the end of winter season, the south would start experiencing sizzling hot summers; almost to the extent where just one step out in the heat could cause heatstroke to a soldier......

But this time, the strategy behind the dispatch of troops was obviously different from the past.

Both Han Bu Chu and Cheng Yun He started breathing heavily when they suddenly figured out the hidden purpose in Diwu Qing Rou's order: The next year's summer was going to witness the start of a decisive war with the Iron Cloud!

Moreover, this world's victor would be decided by the outcome of this war!

'Launch an attack on Wuji, and be sure to return before the arrival of summer, but only after causing at least half of its destruction'. The information contained in this sentence was just too rich and profound!

Prime Minister Diwu was finally going to put his plan to action!

Diwu Qing Rou suddenly went silent following a series of complying responses from his subordinates.

A good while later, he finally heaved a deep sigh of regret: "To resist foreign aggression, one must first deal with internal affairs; Chu Yanwang, I allowed you to take advantage of me just this time......."

He paused for a second, and then continued: "Officials of the government shall spare no effort to stay low-key at all times; first we'll let those royalists gather up at one place, and then we will expose them all at once. We will make a list of their names! If they want to make peace with us, then it's fine! If they can't, then......"

A crude smile appeared on his face as a sharp killing intention flashed in his eyes!

His murderous intentions were so intense that even the so-called veteran butcher like Jing Meng Hun felt his hair stand on end!

Meanwhile, Chu Yanwang was in his brother's company.....

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing had checked in an inn as two ordinary vagrant men. The whiskers studding Chu Yang face made him look like a young dragon; this continent center was really bustling with people these days......

Gu Du Xing was trying his best to be careful while sensing the intention of the sword he was holding in his hand.

Chu Yanwang was resting in his bed, and appeared similar to a crouching yellow dragon! And since he was completely motionless, it almost seemed as if he had already fallen asleep.....

Even Gu Du Xing thought that Chu Yang was in deep sleep.

However, no one knew that Chu Yanwang was actually inspecting the harvest he had obtained from the Great Zhao's royal palace. His eyes were shining brightly as he was literally drooling all over the place while sorting through the treasures which were present in the Nine Tribulations Space.

"Bumper harvest! Superb harvest! Ha ha ha......." Chu Yang observed the contents of each and every iron shelf that was present inside the Nine Tribulations Space, dancing and gesticulating with joy all the while.

"Stop, do not move! You better not touch it!" Chu Yang rushed forward and firmly grasped an iron slab that was exuding a rainbow-colored starlight, but just then, the Nine Tribulation Sword's tip actually circled around him quite sharply, and then chose a particular angle and successfully drilled its way into that iron slab......


In the blink of an eye, there remained only a fist-sized piece of that rainbow-colored iron slab in Chu Yang's hand.

"Crap! Didn't I tell you to stop?" Chu Yang said in an angry tone.

The sword's spirit moved sideways before letting out a sigh: "Come on, just let me absorb whatever I want.... after all I have been hungry for more than ten thousand years......Not to mention this is for your own good!"

Chu Yang was stunned for a second, but then he leaped up immediately and picked up a piece of shining black steel which was almost the size of a person's head: "I allow you to consume other stuff but this one is mine. I plan to use it before the Nine Tribulations Sword."

"Nightmare steel?" The sword's spirit felt helpless as the sword's tip went forward to greet this item.

The sword's tip flew over and took a few laps around the nightmare steel quite reluctantly. Suddenly the image of a child who wants to eat candy but is not allowed to appeared inside Chu Yang's mind......

He almost turned tender-hearted for a moment.

However, he held himself back as he resolutely said: "I am going to use this for something big! But I am sure that more than half of it should still remain unused after I am done with it. In that case, you may consume whatever is left of it if you want, and I wouldn't mind it at all. But in return, I want you to remain patient till then."

The sword's tip saw a firm determination in his words, and was forced to give up in the end.

"Hey, has the formation of the ninth grade dan taken place?" Chu Yang remembered seeing two large warehouses in the Great Zhao's royal palace, which were filled with piles of rare medicinal herbs. Of course, these warehouses were completely empty now.

All those medicinal herbs had already been absorbed by the Nine Tribulation Sword.

"If an ordinary elixir could heal the flesh and bones, and thereby save the life of a person who is struggling through a life and death situation, then you could have three by now which should be able to save three such people in one shot." The sword's spirit stated leisurely: "The Great Zhao's royal palace indeed had a huge stockpile of numerous types of medicinal herbs, but none of them belonged to the category of the so-called 'legendary magic potion of the immortals'."

"Therefore, even though a real ninth grade dan can heal any injury, the ingredients were insufficient to make one." The sword's spirit slowly said: "The only missing ingredient was that of the nine wonderful medicines, which are absolutely essential to complete an authentic ninth grade dan."

"So, this basically means that an ordinary ninth grade dan cannot treat Mo Qing Wu's injuries?" Chu Yang asked.

"It certainly cannot."

Chu Yang almost passed upon noticing that the sword's spirit seemed quite happy while replying to his question: "Are you trying to tell me that even a massive stockpile of medicinal herbs proved insufficient to create a ninth grade dan?"

"You tell me, can 100,000 pounds of grass turn into a rare spirit mushroom?" The sword's spirit asked in disdain.

Chu Yang suddenly went silent.

Piles of gold and silver disappeared in front of him at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Such a massive amount of wealth would have been enough to fully equip five million soldiers! But the Nine Tribulations Sword turned it all into a pile of dust!

The Nine Tribulations Sword finally stopped swallowing, and a gratified smile finally appeared on the sword spirits' face as he said: "I have consumed the basic required amount of gold and silver, so I don't need to consume them from now onwards!"

Chu Yang's eyes opened wide as he looked at a small gold ingot and two silver ingots, the only three pieces remaining of what used to be a mountain of gold and silver. His hands and feet trembled for a while before he finally asked in a shaky voice: "Will you.......be consuming so much of other metals as well?"

"Keke.......it should not make much of a difference, I presume." The sword's spirit seemed to be somewhat embarrassed as he coughed twice before saying: "I am also going to need some other things......such as medicine, soul, flesh and blood......"

Chu Yan fell to the ground with his face upwards as he exclaimed in deep sorrow: You killed me! I am so dead! The so-called squanderer suddenly burst into tears! "This will straight away require the looting an entire nation! No, this will require the looting of an entire continent......."

"Keke, a continent ......perhaps is not enough......" The sword's spirit made his point quite subtly.

Chu Yang finally collapsed.......

As soon as the Nine Tribulations Sword swallowed massive amounts of commodities, the sword's tip in his Dantian had turned pale golden in color, while the edge of the sword had turned a fine mix of pale golden color with hints of bright-silver here and there......and it was sparkling incessantly.

Chu Yang was somewhat worried because if this continued, then his own belly might turn into a night-lantern and might start illuminating his entire body.

Fortunately, Chu Yang's worry did not turn into reality. In fact, the truth was that he was the only one who could see this Nine Tribulations Sword which was hidden inside his Dantian......

Of course, there were also a lot of other items which were not needed by the Nine Tribulations Sword.....These so-called leftovers precisely became a bunch of welfare gifts from the Nine Tribulations Sword 'Lord' to Chu Yanwang!

The leftovers included a few well-made divine weapons, a large number of calligraphies and paintings created by various famous celebrity artists, several secret books on martial techniques and lots of........art pieces as well.

Moreover, there were hundreds of imperial erotic diagrams among them.

Chu Yanwang was left dazed as looked at the dazzling array of different positions shown in those erotic diagrams; they appeared like glittering jewels to delight his eye. This is......I cannot bear anymore.......

Chu Yanwang suddenly arose with a swish.

Gu Du Xing was meditating to perceive the sword's intention when he suddenly saw his Boss Chu rising straight up from the bed like a zombie, and couldn't help but be startled by this scene.

"Du Xing, there are a few books you need to look at."

Chu Yang traced under his own buttocks and took out several yellow (pornographic) books.

"Books?" Gu Du Xing felt quite strange; after all his sword cultivation was still in progress and Boss Chu wanted him to read more books? Besides, how can you have so many books under your buttocks? And why didn't I see any until now?

Gu Du Xing took a look at the books, and his hands immediately began to tremble.

"The Doctrine of Sword Implementation"

"The Warmth of Sword Qi will raise my experience"

"The Doctrine of the Sword of Five Realms"

"Sword King"

"The Sword of Love slaughtering"

Gu Du Xing continued to check out the books one after another, and suddenly, an intensified beam of mysterious light ejaculated from his eyes; the trembling of his hands also went out of control at this point.

This author's cultivation may not have been very high, but the contents of this book clearly displayed his wisdom. Moreover, these books were a collection of all the painstaking efforts their ancestors had made!

On top of that, one of the books turned out to be the work of a great scholar who had recorded his entire knowledge and insights in that book before his death!

This collection of the hard-earned experiences of countless predecessors was more than enough to propel Gu Du Xing all the way on the path of sword practice!

Although after he would take up the role of a Sword King, these books would no longer be any useful to Gu Du Xing, he nevertheless needed all this stuff for research!

"From where did you get all these books?" Gu Du Xing blushed as he suddenly tightened his grip on the books.

"It doesn't matter where I got them from.... you can just say that I picked them up during my travels." Chu Yang replied in a lazy manner: "You can always have a little harvest when you visit a place like the Great Zhao, you know."

"But this harvest......it is really not small." Gu Du Xing replied while gasping heavily.

Chu Yang smiled in his heart: Really not small, you say? Of course, it isn't...... I have also arranged stuff for Ji Mo, Dong Wu Shang, Rui Bu Tong, and Luo Ke Di...... Besides this, I looted the entire treasure inside the Great Zhao's royal palaces' vaults......

I was obviously going to obtain so many good things......

Chu Yang was only unhappy about one thing - he could not do anything about Mo Qing Wu's injury. However, the long and dark night finally subsided as he witnessed the arrival of a bright dawn that shone brightly over him: the only thing he lacked was a medicine!

He just needed one of the nine wonderful medicines to create a rare treasure such as the ninth grade dan!

This news was quite comforting for Chu Yang, not to mention the significance of ninth grade dan was inherent in the fact that he could always obtain three ordinary ninth grade dans which would be capable of saving three lives at once.

In other words, it could always guarantee the safety of not just his own life, but that of his brothers as well!

Gu Du Xing started practicing his sword skills with all his might; and quite desperately this time!

The Gu brothers were dead. Of course, he was not to blame for it because they died in the hands of Chu Yang. However, Gu Du Xing felt that he himself wasn't completely uninvolved either!

Therefore, he needed to shoulder the responsibility of what happened to his brothers!

Not to mention, Chu Yang had made this the most important goal of his life. If it hadn't been for him, Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue would have never gotten involved with Chu Yang. After all, why would Chu Yang personally go into action, and then kill two people without a valid reason?

Therefore, Gu Du Xing had been waiting patiently to shoulder this responsibility himself. Although he didn't say it out loud, but he would never evade this responsibility!

Since the Gu brothers were dead, the Gu family was likely to summon him back quite soon. At that time, how should he act?

Furthermore.......Chu Yang had created a very convenient practice environment for him. If he did not advance quickly, then how could he call himself worthy of all this well-wishing?

Oh Sister Xiao Mao......why don't you come out quickly? Once you will find out that your brothers are already dead, even though your sentiments may disagree and your feelings may change........but at least you won't feel as uncomfortable and unhappy as me......

In the evening!

This was the first time the usually tranquil Continent Center Citadel was going to witness the very first blossom of doom and chaos since the beginning of its history!

A dark moon-like dazzling sword light flew up into the sky to greet the real moon that was shining brightly in the sky!

Dark Moon Sword!



Note: Since our translator hasn't fully gone through the previous chapters, he had to change some terms in this chapters which will be changed back to their original forms if and when suggested by the readers, and changes will be done as soon as he goes through the previous chapters. Here's the List of changed terms for the time being:-

King Of Hell Chu => Chu Yanwang

Limitless => Wuji Nation

Sword Point => Sword's tip

Nine Tribulations Pill => Ninth Grade Dan

Nine great herbal medicines => Nine wonderful medicines

Moonlight Sword => Dark Moon Sword